Mother Culture with Leah Boden of Modern Miss Mason

Mother Culture with Leah Boden of Modern Miss Mason

In this episode Leah Boden, of Modern Miss Mason, joins me to discuss the big idea of mother culture and self-care. Mothers choosing to educate their children at home have many responsibilities, and burn out is common. Apparently, this is true for every generation of women as Charlotte Mason gave wise advice to weary mothers of her time, and it’s just as applicable for mothers today.

In this episode we discuss the following topics:

  • Why Charlotte Mason’s method and philosophy are applicable for modern families
  • How we can apply the three instruments of education
  • A method versus a system
  • Why mothers become burnt out, what Charlotte advised, and how we can apply it.

Leah Boden is wife to Dave, mother to four children, and a longtime home educator. With over two decades of experience in church leadership, Leah’s background also features many years in youth, children’s, and family work within the church and for the local education authority. Leah speaks, hosts podcasts and coaching sessions, and runs workshops sharing the beauty of a Charlotte Mason approach to childhood, motherhood, and education. She and her family live in the West Midlands, England.


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