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  • Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith

    CFLE-P, Boy Mom

    When I first started homeschooling my oldest son I imagined everything going perfectly. I was homeschooled and I majored in child development — I was made for this!
    I bought a shiny new curriculum and couldn't wait to start. After a few weeks the honeymoon phase was over and I thought that maybe I wasn't cut out for this homeschool thing. I really didn't enjoy spending every evening preparing printables, lectures, and complicated lessons. My son didn't enjoy following step-by-step activities, listening to my lectures, or spend hours doing busywork. I felt like there had to be a better way — one where I was a confident, wise teacher and my son was a confident, active learner. After a lot of research I discovered a lot of resources telling parents WHY they should homeschool and a lot of resources telling parents WHAT they should teach, but there weren't a lot of resources teaching parents HOW to teach their children.
    Then I was introduced to Charlotte Mason and I knew my search was over. Charlotte Mason's philosophy and methods are effective, but her volumes are over 1,000 pages and difficult for new homeschool parents to apply. I made it my mission to make her simple, yet effective methods applicable for modern parents and help them become confident home educators!

  • I believe


    Children are born persons, with an innate sense of curiosity and desire to learn. Education should nurture this divine nature, not suffocate it.

  • I believe


    The most important lessons of life are learned in the home, and mothers are the most powerful teachers. Every mother deserves to be confident teacher, no matter her income level. 

  • My Mission


    We provide the knowledge and resources mothers need to make their home a center of learning. 

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