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    Home-based Education

    In the past, educational reforms focused on schools, but we believe an educational revolution must start in the home. All evidence points to mothers as the most influential teachers in a child’s life, and the most important lessons are learned in the home. No matter where a child is educated, a home-based education is for every family.

  • Timeless Philosophy & Methods

    We’ve sifted through all the educational theories and research so you don’t have to. We combine the philosophy and methods of Charlotte Mason with modern cognitive science so you can feel confident teaching your children.

    Home – Insights
  • Home – Insights

    Small & Simple

    A high-quality education does not require beautifully-illustrated printables, expensive manipulatives, or complex activities. You only need a few simple things and methods to give your child an excellent education.

What We Offer

  • foundations

    Podcast + Library

    When you became a parent you also became a teacher. The podcast and library provide the knowledge you need to nurture your child’s heart and mind. 

  • line upon line

    Curriculum Guides

    These guides are for moms who love to DIY. They offer just enough support for you to create a customized education based on your child’s individual interest and needs.

  • self-education


    Living books are the backbone of a Charlotte Mason education. We provide lists of our favorite books to inspire your own family study — from the Revolutionary War to reptiles.


Your Success Is Worth It

  • Since I started using your guides both my oldest boys have not fought a language arts lesson one time! They would complain constantly before, no joke! My 8 year old actually said to me the other day, "mom now I see why you love reading so much." hearing him say that was one of the best moments ever. Your guide, and guidance, has changed everything for my two oldest and their reading journey. Thank you!!

  • Carly

    Simply wonders early years and form 1 guides have been extremely helpful in my understanding of the Charlotte Mason method. The living booklists are priceless!! Each topic is broken down and the method of teaching is simply explained. Personal inspiration is encouraged to map out your child’s home education. I feel more confident as a mother and teacher as these methods have helped me teach my children instead of lessons. We are exploring and adventuring and living instead of forcing dull lessons from worksheets and text books.

  • Sadie

    The curriculum guides have been so helpful to me in planning our homeschool. I like that there are so many options and I can choose from them to do what works best for our family. I really appreciate that Simple Wonders helps to find the intersection between the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Charlotte Mason's writings, and contemporary science of learning. It is a great resource and I’m grateful I found SW!


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