Consider this section your course booklist and required reading as you prepare to teach your children.
The articles in the Teach Ye Diligently series are meant to give you an introduction, but these materials will help you deepen your understanding and give opportunities to learn from minds much greater than my own. I encourage you to gather a group of mothers to read these resources and meet together regularly to discuss the principles. You can find a group, or start your own, by visiting



WHY have I chosen the specific method of education I have for my children? 

WHY is there power in combining secular knowledge with gospel doctrine?

WHAT do you believe about how kids learn best?

WHAT conditions are needed for children to learn deeply and meaningfully?

HOW can I ensure that I am the primary teacher of my children, despite where they are educated?

HOW can I protect my child’s imagination and creativity? 



WHY is Christ-like love the central force behind teaching and learning?

WHY is sacrifice necessary in my development of unconditional love?

WHAT is preventing me from loving my children unconditionally?

WHAT do I need to do to connect with each of my children?

HOW can I apply these principles to my relationship with God?

HOW does home-centered learning establish a foundation of independence and security?

Am I or my children peer-oriented? If so, HOW can I orient myself back to God and my family?