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For now, study the resources below to learn the why, what and how of literature.


Children in the early years benefit the most from nursery rhymes as well as any other high-quality picture books with rhyme and rhythm.
Although you may have already started reading fairy tales before formal lessons, now is the time to read them regularly. Children need fairy and folk tales; they nurture a child's imagination and budding morality.
Now is the time to read Greek and Norse myths, Robin Hood, and King Arthur. At this stage children are developing a sense of adventure and risk, and will thrive on these stories.
Much can be learned from reading the Bard's plays: morality, citizenship, tragedy, comedy, and much more. Shakespeare is best experience by reading/acting the plays with others, not as a book read alone. Many families choose to incorporate Shakespeare in Family Gather time.
Charlotte Mason said that literature should go "pari passu" with history. Children should choose from a list of classic literature that were written during the historical time period they are studying.